There are two ways to a call an Iridium phone; ’Direct-Dialing’, and ‘2-Stage Dialing’.

Unfortunately many phones cannot make direct-dialed calls to satellite phones; even phones that can are often charged at very high rates. Some telephone providers charge up to $12 per minute for direct-dialed calls to Iridium phones, therefore callers are first advised to contact their provider to confirm the cost!

2-Stage Dialing
Iridium’s 2-Stage dialing system solves these problems by providing a domestic US number (in Arizona) to call instead. This means that virtually any phone will be able to call you, and the caller will only pay for the cost of a call to Arizona. The Iridium user will be charged an incoming call charge for calls dialed in this way, however the sum of these two charges is usually far less than the cost of a direct-dialed call.

Direct-Dialing to the Iridium Phone
Call 011 8816 xxxx xxxx
(If calling from outside the USA, the caller must replace 011 with the appropriate international dial-out code for the country they are calling from)

2-stage Dialing to the Iridium Phone
1) Call 480-768-2500
2) At the voice prompt, enter the 12 digit Iridium phone number…
8816 xxxx xxxx