It’s easy to send messages to the Iridium phone – check out the three options below:

Leave a Voicemail Message
If the Iridium phone cannot be reached (because it is switched off, out of coverage, or busy on another call) then incoming calls will be forwarded to the Iridium Voicemail Service.
Important note: The caller may be prompted to re-enter the Iridium phone number. If so, they must enter the 12 digits only (8816 xxxx xxxx).

Send a Text Message via the Internet
Sending text messages to Iridium phones from cellphones can be problematic. A more reliable alternative is to send text messages from Iridium’s website. It’s quick and easy – and totally free of charge.  To send a text message:
– Visit
– Enter the Iridium phone number (8816 xxxx xxxx)
– Type the message in the “Message” box (maximum 160 characters)
– Click “Send Message”

Send a short email
Each Iridium phone has its own email address. It is the 12-digit Iridium phone number followed by “”. (
Note that emails may contain up to 160 characters only, and that any text in the ’Subject’ line will not be delivered.
These messages will be delivered to the Iridium phone the next time it registers with the satellite network.